How Butterflies Grow - Read Then Illustrate

This 2-Part Reader offers children a creative way to demonstrate not only their reading skills, but allows them to creatively express their understanding of the concepts within the story. This book can be printed, and laminated - kept for long term use. Or, print a copy on regular paper and each child can have their own copy to illustrate and keep. 

Part 1 includes

  • 1 book cover
  • 6 book pages with photographic images, and 2 to 4 lines of text
  • 1 back cover

Part 2 is a repeat of part 1 without the pictures. It includes:

  • 1 book cover
  • 6 book pages: 2 to 4 lines of text and a blank space for the child to illustrate the text
  • 1 back cover with space to write the child's name and date of completion

Pages are approx. 5 x 7½".

This file is in PDF format.

Butterfly Reader - Printable Montessori Readers by Montessori Print Shop.
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