Shark Nomenclature Cards

Shark Nomenclature Cards are formatted in a 3-part card series with black-line master included. The 11 parts of the shark included are: shark, eye, spiracle, gill slits, lateral line, ampullae of Lorenzini, dorsal fins, pectoral fin, pelvic fin, anal fin, and caudal fin.

  • 11 cards with labels
  • 11 cards without labels
  • 11 labels
  • 1 black-line master

Learn how to use Montessori nomenclature.

Cards with label are approx. 7¾" x 3¾". To make a set of 3-part cards you will need to print 2 sets of the cards and cut the labels off the second set.

This file is in PDF format.

Shark Nomenclature Cards - Printable Montessori Nomenclature Materials for home and school.
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