French Bundle

This Bundle includes 34 sets of Classified Cards in the French language.

Each image is in a 3-part card format:

  • picture with label
  • picture without label
  • label

Cards with label are approx. 3½ x 3¼", cards without label are approx. 1" shorter, labels are approx. 1"

Includes: African rainforest animals, air transportation, Amazon rainforest animals, aquatic & wetland plants, autumn season, birds, buildings, butterflies, cats, clothing, colors, cookware, desert animals, dogs, electrical appliances, farm animals flower (2 sets), fruit, ground transportation, hand tools, insects, marine invertebrates, marine life, marine transportation, Montessori materials, musical instruments, pets, school items, sports, spring season, summer season, vegetables, winter season.

All files are in PDF format. The download is a zip file that you will have to 'unzip' before using the individual pdf's.

French Classified Cards Bundle - Printable Montessori Hebrew Learning Materials for home and school.
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