Plant Kingdom - Bundle

All files in this digital bundle are zipped to make the file smaller for download. Each file is in pdf file format. You require Adobe Reader to open, view, and print these files. Adobe Reader is a free program found online at .

Plant Kingdom Bundle - Printable Montessori Materials

This Bundle includes 13 files for the Plant Kingdom.

1 Plant Kingdom Charts 4.00
2 Plant Kingdom Information Cards 2.50
3 Division Anthocerotophyta 3-Part Cards (6 types) 2.00
4 Division Bryophyta 3-Part Cards (8 types) 2.00
5 Division Coniferophyta 3-Part Cards (8 types) 2.00
6 Division Cycadophyta 3-Part Cards (8 types) 2.00
7 Division Dicotyledon 3-Part Cards (8 types) 2.00
8 Division Filicinophyta 3-Part Cards (8 types) 2.00
9 Division Ginkgophyta 3-Part Cards (8 types) 2.00
10 Division Lycopodiophyta 3-Part Cards (8 types) 2.00
11 Division Marchantiophyta 3-Part Cards (8 types) 2.00
12 Division Monocotyledon 3-Part Cards (8 types) 2.00
13 Division Sphenophyta 3-Part Cards (8 types) 2.00
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Plant Kingdom - Montessori Botany Cards 


Charts print out on 8½" x 11 paper. The 3-Part Cards follow these sizes: Cards with label are approx. 3½" x 3¼", cards without label are approx. 1" shorter. The Information Cards are approx. 3" x 4¾".

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Plant Kingdom Bundle - Printable Montessori Materials for home and school.
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