Elementary Key Experiences Bundle

The files in this digital bundle are zipped to make the file smaller for download. Each file is in pdf file format. You require Adobe Reader to open, view, and print these files. Adobe Reader is a free program found online at www.adobe.com

9 Elementary Key Experiences

Suitable for grades 1, 2, and 3 (Lower Elementary in Montessori). Includes the following:

  • step-by-step instructions on the presentations
  • diagrams of the presentation layout
  • printable photo cards for the presentations*
  • instructions for Extension Lessons
  • printable materials for Extension Lessons

* We recommend using miniature objects for the presentation of the lessons, however we provide the printable object cards in case you do not have them available. Please see photos below (can click on them to enlarge them)

This Bundle contains printable materials for the 9 Elementary Key Experiences.

Compound Key Experience $4.50
Suffix Key Experience $4.50
Prefix Key Experience $4.50
Antonym Key Experience $5.00
Synonym Key Experience $5.00
Homophone Key Experience $4.50
Homonym Key Experience $2.50
Homograph Key Experience $2.50
Word Families Key Experience $2.50
Savings $6.50

Please see all the listings of all the individual Elementary Key Experiences  for details of each file.

There are a total of 112 pages in this file set. 

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Elementary Key Experiences Bundle - Printable Montessori Materials for home and school.
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