Australia/Oceania Deluxe Bundle - Color Borders

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Australia/Oceania Deluxe Bundle 

This Bundle includes all of the Maps, Flags, and Card Sets for Australia and Oceania. 

Australia/Oceania Bundle includes:

Maps and blackline master (Australia) 3.00
Map Labels - Pin Map Flags 1.00
Maps and blackline master (Oceania) 3.00
Map Labels - Pin Map Flags 1.00
Flags - Pin Map Flags 2.50
Capital Cities Map & blackline master 2.00
Capital Cities Map Labels - Pin Map Flags 1.00
Waterways Map and blackline master 3.00
Waterway Labels - Pin Map Flags 1.00
Flash Cards 3.50
Fun Facts 2.00
Geography Folder (20 images) 4.00
Culture 3-Part Cards (11 images) 2.50
Flag 3-Part Cards (33 images) 2.50
Flags - Outlines 2.50
Animal 3-Part Cards  (18 images) 2.50
Food  3-Part Cards (21 images) 2.50
Landmark 3-Part Cards  ( 18 images) 2.50
Musical Instruments  3-Part Cards (18 images) 2.50

Australia/Oceania Deluxe Bundle - Geography Continent Study Cards



Sample of the Australia/Oceania Geography Folder cards

Australia/Oceania Geography Folder Cards

 All geography folder cards have a short caption at the bottom.

Sample of Animals from Australia/Oceania 3-Part Cards

Animals from Australia/Oceania 3-part cards - Printable Montessori learning materials

As an example: the set of Australia/Oceania Animals would include:

  • 18 pictures with labels
  • 18 pictures without labels
  • 18 labels
  • title card


Maps - 8½"x11"

Pin Flags - 1"x1½"

Flash Cards - 7½"x5"

Fun Facts - 2"x3½"

Blackline Flags - 3¾"x5"

Geography Folder Cards - 5"x7½"

Flags, Landmarks, Animals, Instruments, Food, and Culture Cards - 3½" x 3¼"

Pages: 123

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Australia/Oceania Deluxe Geography Bundle - Printable Montessori Geography Materials by Montessori Print Shop.
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